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The following areas can be found within our mission:

Exchange programmes, international collaborations and agreements

We oversee and coordinates Umeå University's participation in several agreements and collaborations, with the aim to strengthen the relationships with international universities.


Erasmus+ is a European programme which provides opportunities for international exchanges, strategic cooperation projects and suopport or policy changes.


The Nordic Council of Ministers exchange programme for students and teachers at universities and colleges in the Nordic countries and the Baltic states.


The purpose of the programme is to stimulate cooperations between Swedish higher education institutions and universities in low- and middle-income countries.


The exchange programme is a network within the University of the Arctic and is aimed at students with an ”arctic theme” in their study programme.

University-wide agreements

At Umeå University there are a number of university-wide agreements which give students the possibility to study at a univeristy outside of Europe.

Nordic centre in China and Nordic centre in India

Through joint research projects and programmes, the centres aim to forge closer links between the Nordic countries and China and India. Students from Umeå University have the opportunity to study summer courses at the centres.

Scholars at Risk

Scholars at Risk (SAR) is an international network that works to protect threatened scholars and to promote academic freedom around the world.


"Mirai" - future! is a project to strengthen academic cooperation in education, research and innovation between Swedish and Japanese universities.

Student exchange and traineeship broad

We coordinate exchange studies for incoming and outgoing students through exchange programmes, networks and central agreements. Outgoing students can within some programmes receive a scholarship for studies or traineeship broad.

Buddy Programme

We offer all international students to participate in the Buddy Programme. Activities are organised within the programmet to give international students the opportunity to get to know other students and to discover the Swedish culture. The Buddy Programme also give Umeå students the opportunity to meet new cultures and to develop their language skills.

International Housing Office

Through the International Housing Office (IHO) we arrange accommodation for exchange students and fee-paying students.

Teacher and staff exchange

Employees can apply for a scholarship through the International Office for teacher and staff exchange within Erasmus+ and Nordplus. An exchange means to ”job shadow” or to teach for a period at a foreign higher education institution.

Recruitment and retention

We support departments in recruiting international students recruitment and in strengthening ties with international alumni.We also coordinate scholarship and fees-related work.

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